Discover Paradise

Fiji, the wonderland of pristine white beaches and crystal clear sparkling waters, itís no wonder then that it aslo home to the most nutritious and life-giving coconuts in the world.

Coconut trees on a tropical island paradise are what is perhaps the signature element that paints every island paradise shoreline. The coconut trees in Fiji are prevalent strictly for beauty's sake. They are also used for climbing, art & craft, weaving and for consumption. Perhaps the most valuable use that exists today is coconut. It has been discovered to be one of nature's best ingredients for skincare products.

Fiji has 322 islands, only 110 are inhabited. the largest islands are volcanic and mountainous with rich alluvial soils which prove to be a natural fertilizer for coconut trees. The islands are rich in environmental diversity and ecosystems which all support the innumerable level of coconut trees which are found all over, including the urban areas.

Our products are hand crafted from natural ingredients sourced locally and around the world. The combination of hand-picked raw materials and a modern production facility ensures an environmentally and socially sustainable product that delivers exceptional qualities to our end users.

The benefits of our production philosophy extend from providing employment to small island communities to minimizing our carbon footprint by the sustainable harvesting of our natural ingredients from their natural habitat negating the dependence on irrigation and fertilization.

Naturally Fijian Remedies

In the Fiji Islands an ancient culture exists that continues the practice of using natures bountiful ingredients in healing and beauty rituals.

These include rare orchid blooms that have been found to reverse the signs of aging, calm inflammation and help increase cell regeneration in the skin resulting in a fresher, healthier glow.

At Naturally Fiji we harness this centuries-old knowledge and package it as a modern, fresh and user friendly range for maximum benefit to today's discerning health conscious consumers.

Naturally Fiji brings you "all the essence of Fiji" sourced from the finest pure coconut oil and orchid extracts created with only one true objective.

Naturally Fiji